Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work in process/sneak preview

4 AI2 StepUp (sm/lg) "Cloth Rocks!"

Newborn Package: 1-AIO, 2-AI2, 1-1mil PUL Cover, 1-Pocket, & 1-Fleece Cover

1mil print PUL AI2 StepUp (sm/lg)

AI2 StepUp "Cloth Rocks!"


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Contest Time!

October Contest is:
Refer as many cloth diapering mamas/friends as possible to our fan page on Facebook.  Make sure your friends include that they post on the fan page who they were referred by.
The winner will receive a step-up (sm - lg) AI2 embellished diaper that says "Cloth Rocks!" as well as 10% off the NEXT order/purchase.

Contest will end Wednesday, October 27th at 8pm EST and the winner will announced on Friday, October 29th at noon.